OS9 / Anti-Protein OS-9 homolog antibody

4/10/2019  |  Company News



Lectin which functions in endoplasmic reticulum (ER) quality control and ER-associated degradation (ERAD). May bind terminally misfolded non-glycosylated proteins as well as improperly folded glycoproteins, retain them in the ER, and possibly transfer them to the ubiquitination machinery and promote their degradation. Targets the misfolded LRR receptor kinase BRI1 and the misfolded receptor-like kinase EFR.

PhytoAB has the PHY1033S antibody for OS9, the immunogen is KLH-conjugated synthetic peptide of OS9 derived from Arabidopsis thaliana AT5G35080.

Among 25 analyzed species, the sequence of the synthetic peptide used for immunization is 80-99% homologues with the sequence in Sorghum bicolor
For more species homologues information, please contact tech support at tech@phytoab.com.

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