RPT5A/B / Anti-26S proteasome regulatory subunit 6A homolog A/B antibody

9/9/2019  |  Company News


RPT5a (Regulatory Particle 5a), one of the six AAA-ATPases of the proteasome regulatory particle. It’s essential for gametophyte development. In Arabidopsis, the RPT5 subunit is encoded by two highly homologous genes, RPT5a and RPT5b. RPT5a and RPT5b show accession-dependent functional redundancy.


PhytoAB has antibody PHY1747A for RPT5a, the immunogen is KLH-conjugated synthetic peptide of RPT5A/B derived from Arabidopsis thaliana AT3G05530, AT1G09100.


For more species homologues information, please contact tech support at tech@phytoab.com.

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