VDAC1 / Anti-Mitochondrial outer membrane protein porin 1, N-terminal antibody

1/13/2020  |  Company News



VDAC1 is a member of voltage-dependent anion channel (VDAC: AT3G01280/VDAC1, AT5G67500/VDAC2, AT5G15090/VDAC3, AT5G57490/VDAC4, AT5G15090/VDAC5). VDACs are reported to be porin-type, beta-barrel diffusion pores. They are prominently localized in the outer mitochondrial membrane and are involved in metabolite exchange between the organelle and the cytosol.

PhytoAB has antibody PHY2236S,the immunogen is KLH-conjugated synthetic peptide derived from N-terminal of VDAC1 protein in Arabidopsis thaliana AT3G01280.


Among 25 analyzed species, the sequence of the synthetic peptide used for immunization is 100% homologues with the sequence in Brassica napus.
For more species homologues information, please contact tech support at tech@phytoab.com.



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