About Us

PhytoAB Inc. is a contract research organization and plant antibody R&D based services and products supplier. PhytoAB is privately owned company headquatered in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, USA.

PhytoAB specializes in antibody production for plant scientic usage and customized services, focus on the current need of plant antibodies to assist the further investigation of the current booming results from deep genome sequencing and increasing protomics studies. We have specialized R&D and customer services teams to fulfill the needs of botany & plant sciences research and industry world wide with high quality, professional and cutting edge services, and offering complete products usage guidance and suggestions for related problem solutions,

Our company’s unique expertise and up-to-date knowledge in plant antibody production enable us to become a valuable, reliable and resourceful partner for the clients which will promote the development of botany & plant sciences and speed up transferring of current finding from bench to field.

Our products and services are including but not limited to the following aspects:
——Primary Antibodies for different species of plant, mainly including Arabidopsis thaliana, rice, maize, beans, tomato and potato etc.
——Customized antibody production for all species of plant with customer providing the protein sequences, synthesized peptides, purified recombined or natural proteins;
——Secondary Antibodies for different species with or without conjugated tags for biochemistry or fluorescence imaging. Such as, HRP conjugated anti-rabbit antibody, Cy3 conjugated anti-mouse antibody etc.;
——Proteins: total proteins, recombined proteins, and peptides of some species of plant;
——Chemical related to protein extraction and purification, western blot, etc.;
——ELISA Kits for plant secreting proteins or hormones.