Our services are including but not limited to the following aspects:

——Customized antibody production: PhytoAB will produce antibodies for all species of plant with customer providing the protein sequences or synthesized peptides. The antibody could be in anti-sera, purified IgG or affinity purified IgG form per customers' request.

——Free antibody service: PhytoAB will provide customer free antibody usage, if customer provides purified recombined
protein (with expression plasmid) or purified natural protein.

——Customized protein expression service: PhytoAB will construct the expression plasmid if customer provides the basic
vector and gene information.

——Customized ELISA kits service: PhytoAB will prepare high standard ELISA detection plate per customers’ request.

——Antibody labeling service: PhytoAB provide primary antibody labeling service which will minimize the secondary cross reaction problem for immuno-localization studies or for cell sorting.

For other services, please send your requests to directly.