Antibody Production Service

PhytoAB has extensive experience in generateing high-quality rabbit polyclonal antibodies from peptide and protein to fit your research and production needs. Our custom polyclonal antibody services including design and synthesis peptide, antigen conjugated to KLH, antibody purification.

The steps for custom polyclonal antibody generation workflow are shown below:

Antigen Preparation:     Antigen Immunization:   Antibody Purification:
 2-4 Weeks       8-12 Weeks      1-2 Weeks


Service Items:

Protein sequence supplied by customer:

Peptide/Protein supplied by customer:

Peptide design and synthesis:



Peptide conjugation to KLH:



Immunized 1 rabbit:



Protein A purification:



ELISA detection:



Expected delivery time(weeks):

12-18 weeks

10 weeks


1.  200 ul of pre-serum

2.  2 mg of antigen peptide

3.  2 ml of purified antiserum

4.  10 mg of protein A purified antibody


ELISA titer≥1:50000



  1. Anti-serum can be required if purification is not preferred.
  2. Protein antigen affinity purification can be requested if protein A purification is not preferred.