Antibody Production For Academic Use

The antibody you interested is not ready yet although it is in our line of production. If you need it urgently, please contact our service department. We can change the priority and make the antibody for you to use as soon as possible with a reasonable price for non-profit academic use.

Below is the timeline and procedures depending on different starting material for you reference. For detailed turn around time, please send us an email with your request and preferred way of antibody production to

The steps for customized rabbit polyclonal antibody generation workflow are shown below:

Antigen Preparation:     Immunization:   Antibody Purification:
 2-3 Weeks       8-10 Weeks      1-2 Weeks


Now we have a plan FOR NON-PROFIT ACADEMIC USERS, you will get a polyclonal rabbit antibody for ONLY $450.00 plus tax and shipping cost.

 What will you get from this plan? 

  1. 2 ml of antiserum 
  2. Affinity purification available upon request


  1. ELISA titer≥1:50000 


  1. Our company has the right to sell this antibody to other researchers.
  2. Anti-serum can be required if purification is not preferred.
  3. Protein antigen affinity purification can be requested if protein A purification is not preferred.

For detailed information, please send your requests to directly.