PrxIIE / Anti-Peroxiredoxin-2E, chloroplastic Antibody

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 Immunogen: AT3G52960    Q949U7  


Peroxiredoxin II E (PrxIIE) is a thiol-specific peroxidase that catalyzes the reduction of hydrogen peroxide and organic hydroperoxides to water and alcohols, respectively. PrxIIE plays a role in cell protection against oxidative stress by detoxifying peroxides. In Arabidopsis thaliana, PRXIIE is expressed mostly in reproductive tissues (buds, siliques, seeds).
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PHY2107S PRXIIE Antibody 150 μg Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Serum
PHY2108S PRXIIE, C-terminal Antibody 150 μg Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Serum
PHY6000 Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG H&L (HRP) 1 ml Goat Polyclonal Antibody Protein A Purified