AT1G51650 / Anti-ATP synthase subunit 15, mitochondrial Antibody

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 Immunogen: AT1G51650    Q96253  Arabidopsis thaliana AT3G12110
 Synonyms: ATP15, ATPase subunit epsilon


Mitochondrial F0F1-ATP synthase is also called Complex V and it synthesis ATP from ADP and Pi using the proton motive force created by respiratory electron transport. ATP15 (AT1G51650) is a subunit of mitochondrial F0F1-ATP synthase in Arabidopsis.
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PHY0599S AT1G51650 Antibody 150 μg Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Serum
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PHY6000 Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG H&L (HRP) 1 ml Goat Polyclonal Antibody Protein A Purified