JMJ24 / Anti-JmjC domain protein JMJ24 Antibody

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 Immunogen: AT1G09060    F4HZD1      
 Synonyms: JMJ24


JMJ24 is a nuclear localized JmjC domain containing protein. It has been shown to bind to transcribed regions AtSN1 and solo LTR and the promoter of SDC. JMJ24 appears to regulate basal levels of transcription of silenced loci in part by controlling methylation in heterochromatic regions.
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PHY0942A JMJ24 Antibody 150 μg Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Immunogen Affinity Purified
PHY6000 Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG H&L (HRP) 1 ml Goat Polyclonal Antibody Protein A Purified